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Laura Davis Rinehart - 09-09-2008
This is a great web site - kudos to the group that put it together!  What a great flashback.

Married for 34 years to Larry
Have two sons (Brandon and Ashley)
Have two granddaughers

Have lived in Ankeny for 25 years
Barbara (Laughlin) Ray - 09-05-2008
Great job you guys.  Really nice you are there to get all of this done.  I know it has taken  a ton of your time.  The pictures bring back memories of things long ago forgotten.  
I am still a State Farm Agent in Red Oak, Iowa.  We have one son, David. He is 32 married and living in Spring Hill, TN right outside of Nashville.  They presented us with our first grandchild this year and what fun that is.  Terry is retired from the Red Oak Community School District and I will continue what I do for some time yet.  
Looking forward to seeing everyone.  
Kathy Farni Wauters - 08-26-2008
This truly is a great website! Sure brought back a lot of memories. Especially loved the pictures, new and old.  Jennifer, I also  have a box of those kinds of 'keepsakes'  from good old MHS. Too nostalgic to throw them out.  Julie, I agree with you we made a great choice 40 years ago  when we elected the folks who are putting together the reunion and managing this website. They were great leaders then and now.  Many thanks. Kathryn
Deborah Laverty - 07-28-2008
To Gary -- I agree the music is somewhat irritating- I was at work and had the same reaction. I'm not a computer geek or anything but there is a place to turn the sound off.
It makes it much less embarrassing if you want to check the site at work.
John belzer - 07-28-2008
I agree with everyone, this is a great website.  It seems like only yesterday when the hot topics were pregnancies,  degrees obtained and jobs started.  Now we're talking grandchildren, summer homes and retirement.  How long before it's nothing but aches and pains and who had what surgery?
Sandy McAlister Wertman - 07-25-2008
Greetings from Western Colorado!  We were in Iowa for the 2008 floods and the NCAA Track Meet (and to see family) and so will be unable to return in September.

Both Phil and I retired in 2005-he is still a Colorado track official and I do health audits once a year.  We travel a great deal because our sons live in Pasco, WA and the bay area of CA. We are excited to welcome our first grandchild in November.

Congratulations for the great web site and have a great time.

Judy (Manship) Spaulding - 07-14-2008
Thanks for a job well done.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and taking the walk down memory lane.
Deborah Laverty - 07-02-2008
Wow--The number of classmates in the contact classmates really took a jump.
Does that mean we're really going to get a good turnout? I hope so because I really think it sounds like it will be a fun reunion.
We're really looking forward to it.
Becky Oaks Simpson - 06-17-2008
I love this website~~  Great job!!!

Would love to hear from old friends
Dennis J. Kvidera and Linda R. (Mueller) Kvidera - 05-27-2008
Our thanks also to the reunion committee for all their work, including this great website.  We wouldn't miss the 40th in September.

Denny is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Seattle.
Linda was an RN and pediatric nurse practicioner until we had kids 26+ years ago.  We now golf, play tennis, travel, and spend some winter time in Palm Desert.  Linda is deep into planning our daughter's (Jordan) wedding for summer, 2009.  

Son- Jared, 26.  Lives in Huntington Beach and works for an equipment finance leasing company.
Daughter- Jordan, 23.  Starts medical school at St. Louis University in August.

Anxious to see you all.
Cherie Ann Haupert - 04-11-2008
We may be old, but I know we are the best looking class in the history of MHS.  I can't wait to hug you all. I'm feeling good and know that my life is a miracle.


Cindy Bachman Saunders - 04-03-2008
What a great website.  Lots of  great memories.  I am anxious to see you all in September.

Husband: Jack-custom home builder Leadville, Colorado
Daughters: Hilleary-26 student at Colorado State Univ
                   Kelsey-23 Student at Univ of Northern Colorado
                    Ashley-21 Student at Univ of Northern Colorado
Cindy: retired almost 2 years after 32 years as a Speech/Language Pathologist in Leadville CO
Sherry Wyatt Hotchkiss - 04-02-2008
I retired from teaching almost 4 years ago - just before I married Dallas.  I work part time for the local school district testing the elementary children in reading to meet the No Child Left Behind guidelines.  We like to spend some winter time in Texas and just have to stop in Oklahoma on the way to visit with son and new grandson.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in September.
David L. Moore - 03-25-2008
Address: 2529 W. Village Ln, Springfield Mo. 65807

This is a great website and has brought back a lot of memories.
Alan Burnham - 03-23-2008
Nice web site.  I just retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory after 30.5 years and started work the following Monday as Chief Technology Officer for a small company seeking to demonstrate a commercial process for shale oil extraction:  

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