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Jan Hartzell Finley - 03-06-2009
It always seems as though I miss our class reunion by a week or two.  We were in Iowa for 10 days just a week prior to our 40th reunion!  Hope to make the 45th!  Go Bobcats go!
Bob Gordon - 02-27-2009
Sorry I missed the 40th reunion.  Didn't know about it.  Will be at the 45th one.  My wife Sandi and I moved after 30 yrs from Wisconsin to St. Louis where I work as a forensic psychologist at a state correctional hospital (unfit to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity) and also have a part-time solo practice regarding criminal, personal injury, and child custody.
Deborah Laverty - 12-11-2008
I just want to be the first to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fellow classmates.
These are crazy times we are going through right now but hey we made it through the 60's and 70's.
Here's hoping 2009 will be a prosperous, good year for you all and one in which you will remain close to family and loved ones.
Happy holidays to you all..
jOHN bELZER - 10-31-2008
I'd like to congratulate the Committee for putting on such a successful reunion.  As Pat Lang said, we're lucky to be in a class that is so connected and involved (that's paraphrased, Pat.  I am terrible at direct quotes).  My sympathies to those alums who wanted to attend but couldn't.  I sent the pictures I took to David Moore down in Springfield, who was going to forward them to Bobbie Robeson.  I'm anxiously looking forward to getting the class picture.  Thanks again everyone for a great time.  

Ann Southwick Engel - 10-24-2008
To the reunion committee:

Thank you again for all of the work that you put into this reunion!  It seems as though each reunion gets better and better!  My only disappointment was that it went too fast!  There were people that I wanted to talk to that I did not get a chance to and people that I wanted to talk to more and the time slipped away!  

Many have said this but I must say it again, we had a very special class and I am so proud to have been a part of it!  We had a great turnout but it would have been better if everyone could have been there!

Again, thank you and know that your hard work was appreciated by all!!

Kathy Donelson Collins - 10-22-2008
Glad to see this website. Bummed out that I missed the reunion. We moved to Tennessee 3 years ago.
I work as an editor for a publishing firm, LifeWay Church Resources. Chip works for Tatum and Partners. We have 3 grown children (one married) and a new little granddaughter born 9-20-08.

I still miss Maidrites! Will try hard to make it to the next re-union. Can tell you all had a great time!
Kathie Kendall Perry - 10-21-2008
I just want to thank everyone for attending our 40th class reunion. Jennifer, Jim, Robert, Harry, El Dora, John & myself had so much fun working on the planning of it. Jennifer was the organizer and she did a fantastic job while Jim kept our spending in line and he was excellent at keeping us within our budget. It was so great to see everyone again after so many years. All of you looked absolutely fantastic!  Keep up the good work! I hope all of you are looking as forward as I am to the next reunion! Until then....stay healthy and happy!
Dixie Lee Brenizer Fogg - 10-20-2008
a short note to let friends know that I lost my husband (David) back in April of service connected dissabilities from Viet Nam. We were married for 35 beautiful years. In the future I am planning on moving back to Marshalltown at the Iowa Veterans Home where my Mom is a resident. She is now all I have left.
I'll be keeping in touch with Judy Good.

I am sorry I wasn't able to attend this year's reunion.  I'm still trying to get things in order.   Judy, Char, Nancy, Karen and Rhonda I'll be home soon, I hope.
Marsha (Edgar) O'Neill - 10-06-2008
I would like to echo the praise for the reunion committee and our elected class officers!  They have did a fantastic job with the reunion this year.  I loved the program and the band was perfect!  And this website is such a convenient way to keep in touch.  

When Andy & I returned home from the reunion we received a call from our two grandchildren that they were getting a new baby brother or sister in May.  We are so excited for that upcoming addition.
Sally Stegmann Sunderland - 10-01-2008
My husband, John, and I too had so much fun!  It was the perfect time of the year for a reunion.  Thanks to all who helped with the planning!!  It was really great to see everyone.  

Patty Lindsey - you keep dancing like that and you'll NEVER need a walker!!

And you too Linda Mueller!
Maria (Sundstrom) Westrin Wernstrom - 10-01-2008
Hello all my friends from class of 68!  I want to write to you now that I know for sure that I am not coming for the reunion in Marshalltown in September.  I must look forward for the next reunion and I will plan for that from now on!  So, please keep me on your mailing list and please send me photos from your meetings.  

During my High School year in Marshalltown I made a complete record by producing 10 photo albums!  So you are all in my memory since I have been looking through them all a few times this year.  It took me some time to find them on the attic, but I found them.

The first reason to find them was because my American sister Kate Frost (Shive) class of 69 came to see me in both Switzerland and Sweden in April, and we had lots of memories coming to us while looking at the albums.  It's a treasure to have them.

And now I have been looking at photos from then again since we, the exchange students from the class of 68, have had a reunion at Annie's summerhouse in France.  Annie Safarti, Marja Bruhn, me (Maris Sundtrom), and also our classmate Laurie Sorensen, joined us in July.  We had a great time and you can imagine how we have been talking and talking and remembered all kinds of good memories from then.  And, Ann (Southwick) Engel has been with us even in Sweden.

I can say that the 3 of us are just fine.  We have regularly met through the years in France, Denmark and Sweden.  It's a friendship that is strong.

Annie has a grandson, Marja has a granson and I have four grandchildren between 3 and 6 years old.

The year in America is a very important part of my life.  My 3 children, now between 32 and 37 were also YFU exchange students.  Two in USA and the youngest in New Zealand.  

And you all meant a lot when we took part of American life as teenagers.  40 years after, lots is written and discussed this year about the time then with the Vietnam War, 'the summer of love', the new music, the flower power movement and all kinds of important things that changed the world!  All that makes me remember the year I spent with you.

Thank you all for all you did for adding all kinds of good experience to me.  I will be thinking of you, and I hope and wish you will send me an email about the days in Marshalltown.


Patty Lindsey (Deutschman) - 10-01-2008
My husband and I had a FANTASTIC time at the reunion!!! What a perfect time of year to have this!The committe did a great job- Thanks so much!!  It was so great to see everyone and reconnect!! We need to do this again --before I have to dance with a walker!!
Deborah Laverty - 09-30-2008
My husband and I both had a wonderful time at the class reunion and just wished it could have lasted longer.
Our thanks to the committee for all their hard work. Let's not wait so long to get together the next time--
It was fun -- especially when the girls all got up and danced. It reminded me of our sock hops when girls did dance with other girls.
The band was really awesome and seemed to know just the right songs to get everyone on the floor. I even got my husband, who never dances, to get onto the floor.
Pat (Groff) Hamblin - 09-25-2008
Many thanks to all of you who have put in your time and effort to design this website and plan the reunion.  You've done a great job!

I'm so disappointed that Dick and I won't be able to come to the reunion this week.  We were planning to, until we found out that a previous commitment was on the same weekend.  I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Dick and I have been married for 37 years, and are now living in Chanhassen, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis).  Dick is the Purchasing Manager for ST Specialty Foods and I work in a local floral shop, as well as a showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart.  We have two beautiful daughters -- 30 and 34 years old.  We also have three adorable grandchildren:  15 months, 3, and 10  years, as well as a granddaughter due in February.  I just posted a photo if you're interested.

Have a wonderful time this weekend!  We'll miss seeing you.  Hopefully, we'll be able to come to the next one.
Greg Baughman - 09-24-2008
Who are all you people? Are you sure we went to school together? Man, this gettin' old is a bitch.

See ya Friday (after the Bobcat football game).

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