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Marshalltown High School Class of 1968 - Message Board

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Pat Lindsey (Deutschman)
02-03-2008 10:22am
Wow!! 40years and I bet we all look the same!!! I am really looking forward to this
reunion-I hope alot of us will come back -so much has happened in these 40plus years  I have many fond memories of High school-and am looking forward to seeing old friends.

Re: Reunion
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David Hinton
02-09-2008 11:03am

I rather doubt we look the same--in fact, I'm totally convinced that everyone is more beautiful and handsome than before.

But still, it's hard to look at the frown on my daughter's face when I talk about going to a 40th reunion, which to a 26 year old sounds ancient.  And we did graduate in the last century.

I look foerward to seeing everyone, and thanks to the Committee for their hard work.


Re: Reunion
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Kathie Kendall
02-14-2008 01:41pm
If this reunion is even half as fun as the last one, we'll have a ball. The Friday night get together was a blast and trying to golf the following morning was a challenge. I find it is getting more difficult to recognize my classmates but it's like OMG when you find out who it is! We may be older and we are definitely wiser but you are still only as young as you feel. I still feel like I'm 18 again even though I have 3 grown children (33, 36 & 38 year olds) and 8 grandchildren with one on the way. They, along with other special people in my life, have brought back my youth and I love it !! I am really looking forward to seeing all of you!

Re: Reunion
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John Lee
03-18-2008 08:59pm
Bring it on!

Re: Reunion
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Kate (nee Nancy) Barger (Snow)
06-15-2008 07:44pm
Sorry, I will not be able to attend.  I am taking my mother on a long-delayed trip to Cape Cod to see the autumn leaves.  Have a great time!  

Kate Snow

Re: Reunion
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Deborah Laverty
06-17-2008 11:12pm
To Nancy/kate -- Your trip with your mother sounds wonderful. My mom passed away in 2003 and my step-dad in 2003 but before they died we took them along with my husband, children and I in our old mini van on some memorable trips including Colorado and the Boston area.
I cherish the memories of those vacations with my parents.
Have a great trip with your mom and take lots of pictures.

Re: Reunion
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Bobbi Robeson (Musel)
09-25-2008 01:15am
Andy and I were coming to the reunion on Friday but Andy lost his job, after 21 years with the company.  What a shock that was and my first reaction was to cancel the trip so we could figure things out.  We  have to be in CA on Saturday to shoot a wedding so we will be driving now with lots of time to talk and think.  What the hell is with this economy!!!!

Re: Reunion
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Bobbi Robeson (Musel)
09-25-2008 01:27am
I forgot to tell everyone to have a wonderful time.  My thoughts will be with you all.  Please E-mail some picture of the reunion to me at
Have a blast and PLEASE have someone do the splits for me!

Love you all,

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